Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Your reporter in the Middle East

The learning experience has begun! It would appear that Qatar Air refuse to fly you to Capetown unless you have evidence of an onward flight within the visa period. Obviously this would be a problem for anyone travelling overland but it seems that is just the way it is. I was aware of a similar situation for Thailand but I really wish it had been mentioned on the website. A quick run to the Qatar offices netted me a ticket back to Doha next week. I should be able to get an 80% refund so I guess it could have been worse.

Got off the plane at Qatar in the dark and was welcomed by what felt like a hairdryer on max power to the face. Currently it is 34 degrees - at midnight - and I think it was closer to 40 degrees when I stepped off the plane (apparently it was 45 at midday). After feeling that I have now downgraded Gibraltar to 'slightly warm'. The air conditioning here is incredibly good but I really have to imagine what a struggle life must have been here before the petrodollars came in. Now I am counting the hours until my flight at 0710 in the morning.

Internet is free within the airport but I imagine they must have hundreds of connections judging by the number of laptops and trendy phones I see being carried around. It kicks you off the network every 5 minutes or so but that's fine by me. It just means that writing this will take a bit longer and time is one commodity I can spare plenty of.

Food here is the usual airport fast food. The prices are decent though but I am trying to use up my last euros. I think I finally realised that every gram of weight I can shave off that backpack is going to count. Then again, what can I dump? It wont be the laptop thats for sure and if I get rid of any more clothes I may get arrested. I bow to those backpackers that run around the world with all their possessions in a tiny bag!


  1. Ah yes that would be the case with most countries. If you have a ticket that shows ur travelling across a land border, that should be sufficient evidence for them as well. Obviously it can be hard to get such a ticket until ur in or near the country ur travelling through.

  2. just do it all naked! \o/ u know u want to!
    just logged into ur blog for the first time. glad to see ur setting off well. hope to hear more from u soon!

  3. hai hai!

    Fun to read - hopefully you can continue to post throughout the journey!

    Hugs from twotoes <3

  4. Heard on today's local news that yesterday' temp at 8.00pm was 38 degrees, the hottest for 25 yrs. Aah, you missed it! Today it's about 33 at 8 pm and tomorrow it goes back to levanter. Ho, hum!

  5. Hola signiore, the Rock Hotel here. Good to hear things are ok so far :) Missing you amigo. Jay and I spent some cash on important things like Magic cards today, one of life's essentials you see.
    I will stay tuned for the next update.

  6. If you're going to become an african chieftans mail order bride doesn't that get you some sort of green card that negates the need for proof that you're leaving?

  7. I am sure it does but I will need to negotiate some cattle for the Chief or something.

    Wooot Two-toes on ma blog :D Good to see ya girly! Pwn some noobs for the Coo!