Friday, August 20, 2010

Knysna and Jeffreys bay

It took most of a day to get to Knysna and on the way the rain came in. By the time we arrived it was pouring down and cold with it. We jumped off at a hostel called 'Island Vibe' where I had the dumb idea of washing some clothes and then realised drying them was not likely to be easy. The night was a washout so I pretty much gave up after a quick beer at the bar and went to bed.

The next morning defied all predictions and was actually sunny giving me a chance to hang out some stuff and after letting it dry a bit I headed into town. I had missed part of the day so I did the lazy thing and simply went to the waterfront to look around at the shops and get some supplies. Knysna is pretty cool, a town on the edge of a lagoon so people can enjoy the water without the battering of the waves from the sea. While there I met a Korean girl named Young who had been on the Bazbus the previous day and she wanted to try some of the oysters which Knysna is famous for. We sat at one of the many restaurants there and I had one of my favourites - Mussels in garlic sauce (nomnomnom). Once we were stuffed on this luxurious meal we walked it off and headed back for the bus pickup. . next stop for me - Jeffrey's Bay.

The bus dropped me off at 8pm so it was dark when I got into the hostel. Jeffrey's Bay is a surfer haven so only two other girls there were just backpacking. There was a lot of surf talk going on and by midnight I was one of three people left as most people were getting up at 5am to catch the good waves. I had no such intentions and knocked off a little later for some downtime. My wake up call was at about 10am when the Qatar lady called and told me I wouldnt have to fill out any forms and my refund should be complete in about three weeks. Hurrah, I love her!

Spent a few days walking up and down the beach and discussing surfing with the guys in the hostel. All good fun and I may even try my hand at it - but it will need to be a little warmer first! Next stop will be Coffee Bay on the Wild Coast. This is where I will start to get to grips with the real Africa as so far most places have been very nice and catering for Western taste. . From here on in it may be a bit tougher but I suspect a hell of a lot more fun!

Will add photos later as this is being done over a 3G network. Very slow and way too expensive :)

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  1. Mmmm Coffee Bay, sounds addictive!
    Dude you have to try surfing, if not this time then at some point on ur trip :)
    Stay safe