Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Madrid starbucks and free Wifi

Madrid is very pleasant at the moment. Very warm but also cloudy with a brisk breeze keeping temperatures at a very tolerable level. I wandered around for a while looking for internet and was eventually saved by finding a Starbucks with 45 minutes of connectivity per coffee.
I am now slipping into a very relaxed mode it seems. Got nothing to do. . . good stuff! I will probably just walk around for a few hours and then retire for an early night. The flight to Doha is at 11:15 tomorrow so I have decided to head over there at 7am just in case of any confusion.
Right - Coffee is over, time to walk around and be a tourist!

Edited for Joe!
Well DUDES (^^) it has been a lovely day of mooching. Laying on the grass and playing with the camera is definitely a day well spent. Seems like most of the population walking around consists of Peruvians, Americans and the odd English person. Maybe the Spaniards are all hiding from the sun like sensible people.

So! Tomorrow I get to see Qatar airport followed by Capetown the day after. I cant help thinking that my spending is too high at the moment. Being stuck in Qatar wont help there but I will give myself until leaving Capetown to lower my cash outflow as I sense a little partying in my immediate future. Signing out now - time to charge stuff up before an early night. This dude needs sleep!


  1. Dont over sleep ... I would offer to call but in the past that has made no difference to you catching a flight or sleeping on the sofa! Take care DUDE (Joe wants you to say Dude a lot in your blog!)

  2. Vikki's comment not to oversleep heralds a communal concern but we know you'll do it...get up I mean! The lions await.

  3. Yay! Que pera I'm following you now :P

  4. Good man :D Join ussssss . . . .