Sunday, August 15, 2010

Long St - Capetown

Woke up bright and breezy in Simonstown and figured it was time to move in to Capetown proper to sample life here before it is time to move on. Karina was off work and wanted to show me a few of the sites so off we went. The landscapes are of course incredible, the peaks are imposing while the countryside all seems very lush at the moment. The sea gives a sense of having incredibly powerful currents as you can see it swirling around boulders on the coastline.

We drove to Spier just outside Capetown, nominally a wine estate but they do some conservation work there hosting outreach programs for birds of prey and cheetahs. The birds are normally rescued injured birds of prey. The cheetah program aims to educate farmers and help them find ways to be safe without impacting the cheetah population. They also breed Anatolian Shepherd dogs to guard livestock on South African farms and reduce conflict between farmers and cheetahs.

I was able to go in with the sleepiest cheetah around, a huge male known as Enigma. He just lay there doing his cat thing while I fussed over him and chatted with the keeper. The rest of the site was pretty awesome too with a restaurant where people could eat out in the open, under a massive tent or even raised up on some platforms dotted around the area. A stunning location and well worth a visit if in the area.

Next stop was central Capetown and being Saturday most of the backpackers were full with quite a few South Africans around to enjoy the night life. I found a place at Blue Mountain backpackers - a very relaxed place with a large balcony with sofas overlooking Long St. Here it was time to settle down, clean up and watch the crazy night life go on. I had a beer or two on the balcony while a couple of Party Buses went by (these appear to be buses that you hire out with a few people and then get taken around Capetown area for the piss-up of a lifetime!)

I met JB, a very relaxed French guy who had been checking out SA for a month and was convincing me to jack in most of my plans and check out the desert in Namibia. As he said, he was there 3 days ago and it was 'calling him back' :D

Much to ponder but back to priorities! Liverpool play Arsenal in a couple of hours so I am off to find a seat with a view of the match. I will end with a gorgeous bike I saw yesterday (By the way - this is an incredible place for a motorcycle trip. . . maybe another time!)


  1. NICE NICE and NICE :D Excellent read dude. Glad you've already got to meet a big cat. Really hope you get to meet many many more, especially the little dudes that like gnawing at your knuckles :D

  2. Just finished watching the match : (

  3. So glad you're having a good time. Making me very homesick with all your comments. It's probably one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

    Have you sorted some shit out yet? Should be able to find loads at CT waterfront .. or any waterfront for that matter. (For Bryan's mom and dad: we're talking about pen pals)