Friday, August 13, 2010

Capetown - Day 1

My first day in South Africa and I am simply overcome with how awesome everything seems. It could be the gorgeous weather, the view as we flew in or simply the slowly dawning realisation that I am free to do anything I want until next summer! As the plane landed (Boeing 777 - touch screens at every seat - loadsa space, lovely!) the sight of massive peaks leading down to empty white sandy beaches was truly inspiring.

My first stop was a backpacker's hostel in Simonstown quite close to Capetown. It was dark and pretty cold just after landing so I got to my bed and fell asleep within minutes.
On waking up it was time for some very slow exploring of this chilled out town. On finding a way down to the beach I could faintly hear the sound of African singing. There was a small choir giving it their all so I had no choice but to sit on some rocks at the shore to relax and take it all in. I was puzzled by a periodic cracking sound and it took me a while to realise it was the gulls collecting shellfish and dropping them on the rocks around me to crack them open!

A little further down the road there was a nesting area for African penguins so I must have spent an hour in the area snapping away with the camera. As I wandered back I ran into Gareth, a friend of Karina's who has a coffee shop. He invited me in to sit in the sun with a glass of wine and chat for a while. I could never say no to that so a lovely walk was capped off perfectly. The tranquil feeling I have here is just incredible and although I am still getting used to it, there is plenty of time to daydream about adventures yet to come.


  1. Cool! Sounds idyllic. Keep safe on your journeys bratha. Keep blogging for us dull folk at home

  2. This is turning into Joe's bedtime story so keep it clean ... It sounds amazing and I am now considering sending the children to work to fund my trip around Africa!

  3. Sounds greeat! I hope the rest of the trip is as great as the starting impression, quite jealous here! :)

    And yes, twotoes iz in yerr blog! :D