Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sitting in the doldrums

Love this picture - so close yet so far away. This is that phase when everything is ready and I am just sitting and waiting. It is pretty damn hot in Gibraltar at the moment and I am still getting my head round the idea that it will be a heck of a lot cooler in South Africa. Time to break out the woolly jumpers!

Tuesday is leaving day and I will catch a train at 8am from Algeciras to Madrid, find myself a nice cheap place to sleep and try to mentally prepare for a 30 hour trip of which 20 or so hours are in an aluminium tube - yay! I have a full series of Chuck that needs watching I guess and maybe Lord of the Rings is stashed somewhere. . .

The plan is to stay in Capetown about 4-5 days before I head on east. There will be a few days of getting my bearings and some cash. Before I leave I will of course have to watch the Liverpool vs Arsenal game on the 15th after which it will probably be time to head off up the coast.


  1. Don't pack too many warm clothes. I was there last week and it's like summer in Scotland. The evenings and early mornings are a bit chilly.

  2. Good plan to take 4-5 days to chill once you get there dude. Just to get your head around things and take in the momentous journey ahead whilst sitting having a few coffees and smokes!
    I had that last time with my stopover in Singapore before heading to Oz and it just gave me some time to let things sink in and start living the dream :)

  3. Aye, I will be doing all I can to get in travel mode as quick as possible. Really looking forward to the SA coast now and trying to decide what places I cant afford to miss. Johan with luck I may meet Bronwyn for a drink in Jo'burg. . Yesterday I was forced to empty my backpack again and repack so I definitely wont have too many clothes. If it gets nippy I will simply have to wear my many Liverpool shirts and head north!